Journalist Organization Demands Apology from Sarajevo Hospital Director

The steering board of the BH Journalists organization criticized Sarajevo hospital director for insulting a journalist. The organization said that the Director of the Clinical Center of the Sarajevo University, Sebija Izetbegovic, mocked an Al Jazeera Balkans reporter, Natasa Kovacev, and other reporters at a press-conference organized by Izetbegovic.

“Kovacev exercised her reporter right and asked an entirely legitimate question about the medical staff leaving the Sarajevo Clinical Center in her mother tongue – Serbian. Instead of giving a reasoned and professional response, Director Izetbegovic responded to the question in an ironic way, in (Serbian) dialect, mocking the media interest in what is happening at the Clinical Center in Sarajevo,” said the organization.

The organization demanded an apology from Izetbegovic and urged her to be professional in communication with the media. Also, the organization urged the media and reporters to boycott Izetbegovic until she apologizes to the reporter. In the meantime, the Clinical Center criticized a reporter at Izetbegovic’s press conference who said that Izetbegovic’s response in Serbian was racist.

“The Clinical Center of the Sarajevo University recognizes Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian languages, and we use both Latin and Cyrillic as equal alphabets in BiH. We believe that speaking multiple languages is an asset. In our statements and presentations, the (Clinic) employees speak Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, English, German and other languages,” said the Clinic.

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