Lake Drain Alarms Environmentalists, Community

State-owned power utility Elektroprivreda BiH is reportedly responsible for the abrupt drain of a major artificial lake in Herzegovina, the Jablanicko lake, which decimated the lake’s fish population. Environmentalists and local community claim the damage will take decades to repair.

“More than two million fish are gone, and that is not an arbitrary estimate; those figures (…) can be found in the current studies of flora and fauna in the (Jablanicko) lake, authored by the Nature Sciences and Mathematics Faculty and the Agriculture Faculty in Sarajevo,” said Mirsad Tresnjo, the secretary of a local fishing organization in Konjic that is the legal administrator of the local fishing region, reported Klix news website.

“The effect on aquatic ecosystems is devastating. (…) The population of endemic fish (in the lake) will never recuperate,” said Sanel Ridjanovic, a zoology professor at a university in Mostar.

Nasa Stranka political party demanded responsibility from the power company and the government.

“(…) It feels like living under a junta that doesn’t think it should be responsible towards the citizens, the public and the environment – the most important resource in 21st century,” the party said.


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