“Bosnian Spring” Anniversary Marked

Tuzla Canton’s solidarity union organized a gathering in front of the former building of the Canton Government, which was set on fire in the 2014 protests, to mark the third anniversary of the protests. Some 200 workers, citizens and members of non-governmental organizations took part in marking the protest anniversary at the place where the 2014 protests started before spreading to other cities in the Federation entity. On February 7, 2014, a protest of workers of Tuzla’s bankrupt state-owned companies started, resulting with eventual resignation of the Canton government. A government of experts was formed and remained in office until the 2016 election, when the winning SDA formed a new government.

The events that many refer to as “Bosnian spring” involved many different groups of people, and were not centrally organised. Even though some peaceful protests in Banja Luka took place on February 7, 2014, the Republika Srpska entity didn’t experience the same level of citizen activism, or demands for resignations. The protests largely took place in the Federation.

By April 2014, the protests had faded away due to decreasing participation.

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