Bosnians Mock Ruling Party on Sarajevo Olympics Anniversary

This week marked the anniversary of 1984 Sarajevo Olympics and Twitter users set out to criticize the authorities in Sarajevo by mocking the ruling SDA party. Tweets with hashtag “if the Olympics was organized by the SDA” highlighted the difference between the time Sarajevo hosted the Olympics and today, when the city is gripped by problems like water supply shortages, frail public transportation, corruption and alarming air pollution levels.

Srđan Puhalo took a political angle and tweeted that Turkey would dominate on Bjelasnica and Igman mountains (in the Federation) and Russia would dominate on Jahorina (in Republika Srpska).

Reis Ulema tweeted that the opposition Civil Alliance leaders Reuf Bajrovic and Emir Suljagic would say that the Olympics was a plot of the international Olympics committee members to divide Bosnia among themselves, alluding to the opposition party’s accusations that the SDA is in cahoots with the Bosnian Croat HDZ to split the Federation among themselves.

D. P. tweeted that the Una-Sana Canton would organize an A-Olympics, because some SDA members in the Canton left the party and organized their A-SDA party.

Genijalan ud tweeted that the price of Olympic torch in the official report would be 70 million, alluding to corruption in public procurement.

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