Entity Government Approves Full Indoor Smoking Ban

The government of Federation entity approved a draft law on control of tobacco use that bans indoor smoking in public places. The law bans use of all tobacco products in all indoor public places, workplaces, public transportation and private transportation in presence of children, the entity government said.

If the law is approved in the parliament, the violation fines will range from 250 to 15,000 KM. However, persons in charge at the place of violation will be fined, not the smokers.

The law approved by the Federation government also defines exceptions to the smoking restrictions. Patients in mental institutions and other places that provide services to mental patients will be allowed to smoke indoors in areas designated for smokers, if the doctors decide that patients need to smoke. Prisoners in correctional facilities will also have smoking areas.

The law bans tobacco advertising and other forms of promoting tobacco use. Tobacco products will not be allowed in visible places in shops and will be shown to buyers only when purchased.

According to a 2012 research of the Federation’s public health authority, 44% of Bosnians smoke. Nearly 13% of them are school children.

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