Five Films Will Be Screened during Iranian Film Week

The Iranian Film Week, organized by the Iranian Culture Center in Sarajevo, will be held from 20 to 24 February at the Cinema City multiplex. The Film Week is part of the Sarajevo Winter festival.

Five awarded films by renowned Iranian directors will be screened during the Week.


Feb. 20, 19.00h: Dokhtar (Reza Mirkarimi, 2016, 103′)

A young girl leaves her hometown in south of Iran for a half day trip, without permission of her strict father, to attend a close friend’s goodbye party. On her way back home, severe weather changes her plans.


Feb. 21, 18.00h: So Close, so Far (Reza Mirkarimi, 2005, 97′)

A neurosurgeon whose life is all about his work will do a lot of soul searching when his son is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.


Feb. 22, 18.00h: Where Are My Shoes (Kiumars Poorahmad, 2016, 90′)

A man starts loosing memory when his wife and daughter cut contact with him.


Feb. 23, 18.00h: Crazy Castle (Abolhassan Davoudi, 2015, 115′)

A group of people who met online are forced to work together when one of them commits a crime which will affect them all if not solved.


Feb. 24, 18.00: Angels Come Together (Hamed Mohammadi, 2013, 92′)

A soon to be clergy man and his wife deal with the troubles of rising their triplets.


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