Presidency Member, FM Trade Accusations over Correspondence with ICJ

Foreign minister said that the Bosniak member in the Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic, ordered the ambassador in The Hague not to deliver his letter to the International Court of Justice, in which he wrote that the decision to appeal the ruling in the genocide case against Serbia was not an official position of the Presidency.

Minister Igor Crnadak told a news television that he will meet today with the Serb member in the Presidency, Mladen Ivanic, to discuss the issue.

“If the attacks on (state) institutions, parallelism and privatization of the institutions continued, we will have a problem bigger than it is today,” said Crnadak.

He added that he managed to deliver the letter to the ICJ using other channels.

Izetbegovic said that the foreign minister was not authorized to communicate with the ICJ and added that he abused his position: “There is no decision of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina which authorized Minister  Crnadak to communicate orally or in writing with the International Court of Justice in The Hague.”


On Monday, the leaders of Bosnian Serb parties that participate in the state government will meet with representatives of Republika Srpska entity in the state institutions, at which they will formulate a position on Izetbegovic’s announcement of the ICJ ruling appeal.

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