HDZ Candidate Reelected Mayor of Stolac

The Central Election Commission said the candidate of main Bosnian Croat party HDZ BiH for Stolac mayor won the Sunday rerun of the local poll in the divided Herzegovina town. Current mayor Stjepan Boskovic, who ran against the opposition candidate Mato Komsic, also a Croat, won nearly 60% of votes.

The CEC said 7,566 voters went to the polls, which accounts for a 75.57% turnout.

Observers of coalition of non-governmental organizations said that the rerun of election in Stolac went without problems, but with a few minor irregularities.

Despite the announcements of a boycott, the town’s Bosniaks went to the polls. Bosniak Initiative for Stolac earlier called on the voters to vote, as they concluded that the CEC took the steps to minimize election fraud.

The October 2, 2016 elections were cancelled in Stolac because of several violent incidents at polling stations.The CEC banned the Bosniak candidate for mayor Salmir Kaplan and several candidates for municipal council from running this Sunday because of they were found responsible for the incidents.

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