Mandatory Bicycle Helmet Regulation Scrapped

A Banja Luka organization said that the mandatory bicycle helmet is “a thing of the past” in Bosnia. The Center for Environment hailed the adopted changes to the law on road safety, after six years of campaigning to end the regulation on mandatory helmets.

“This is a major step towards easier promotion of the use of bicycles as a means of transport, and it shifts the focus from the consequences of accidents to the causes,” said Tihomir Dakic, a program coordinator at the Center for Environment.

“The use of helmets in traffic was understood wrong and biking was presented as a dangerous activity. However, studies showed that it is equally dangerous to walk on foot. Now it is up to the local communities to pay more attention to traffic regulation, discourage the use of motor vehicles and promote healthy ways of transportation and reduction of air pollution. We call on everybody who stopped using bike because of helmet to hop back on, respect the traffic rules and enjoy the benefits that biking gives.”


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