Social Democrats Put on a Brave Face after Three Prominent Members Quit

The Social Democratic Party is a big family in which everybody has a place and is welcome to be part of a family and a team founded on a 107-years-old idea, said the party after its three prominent members quit the membership.

The SDP said that Igor Kamočaji, Jasenko Selimovic and Lidija Korać quit the party on their own.

“The truth is that those people have marked a period in the SDP. We respect their personal decision and wish them luck in their private and professional life,” the SDP said in a statement.

The party said they will continue pursuing the policy of openness towards other political entities willing to run against the ruling nationalist parties in the 2018 general election.

“We will work to make the SDP a strong (party) that is accepting of everybody who wants to fight for a Bosnia and Herzegovina in which which everybody is equal and in which the rule law is above anyone’s individual will,” said the party.

Kamočaji, Selimovic and Korać were among the SDP’s influential members and have held important positions in the party and in the government institutions at the time when the SDP was in the government.

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