Organization Set to Honor Churkin in Srebrenica

A non-governmental organization said it petitioned the local authorities in Srebrenica to erect a monument to the recently deceased Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin. Members of the Istocna alternativa (the eastern alternative) organization asked the Srebrenica municipality assembly to designate a location for a Churkin bust in the eastern Bosnian town. The organization leader, Vojin Pavlovic, told Srna news agency that Churkin should be honored because he vetoed the British resolution on Srebrenica genocide in the UN Security Council.

“Churkin (…) contributed to the peace and stability in Bosnia, to the promotion of truth about the Bosnian war and to breaking the Western stereotypes according to which only the Serbs are blamed for the war and crimes,” Pavlovic told Srna news agency.

He added that a monument would be a proper way for the Serbs of Srebrenica and of Republika Srpska entity to thank Russia and late Churkin. Pavlovic said the monument should be unveiled on July 12 , the day when the Serb victims will be honored in Srebrenica.

Istocna alternativa appeals to Serb nationalists.


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