PBS Reform Needs a Broader Debate

The BH Journalists organization is not happy with the way the public broadcasters function, but that is not enough to break down the public broadcasting system into individual broadcasters serving Bosnia’s three main ethnic groups, the organization’s head Borka Rudic told a public debate on the reform of public broadcasters, organized in Sarajevo by the assembly of Bosnian Croat parties.

Rudic said that the that the reform suggested by the the Croatian People’s Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, HNS, is radical and likely unsustainable. She pointed out that the efforts to reorganize the public broadcasting system must seek to address the needs of not only the main groups, but also the minorities and citizenry as such, adding that the debate needs to hear from journalists and employees of the public broadcasters.

The state parliament hosted a public debate this week on the possible transformation of the country’s public radio-television service, after Croat MPs proposed that the country should also get a Croat TV station. Critics say the request comes at a sensitive time, feeding heightened ethnic tensions in the country and some even believe there may be ulterior motives behind the proposal in that it could mean the creation of a public broadcasting system that is controlled by the main ethnic political parties.

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