“Judiciary Can Self-Regulate”

The head of the independent national judiciary overseer, the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina, commented on the recent disciplinary proceedings against prosecutors and judges that gained publicity and said it was a proof that the judiciary works and has the capacity to self-regulate.

“Although I am worried every time a judiciary officials is under criminal or disciplinary action, I also feel satisfaction over the fact that it is an indicator of the functioning of the judiciary in terms of commitment to confront and resolve the deviations in the judiciary institutions, which undoubtedly exist and which we must not ignore,” Milan Tegeltija told Fena news agency.

He said that it is a proof that the judiciary works even when it comes to its own officials, judges and prosecutors who are suspected of violating the law, and that the system has the capacity and ability for self-regulation.

“Despite the bitterness, I think that the latest events are in fact a necessary and a good sign of the judiciary’s resolve to, first of all, solve the problems within itself, in order to be more successful and able to deal with the problems of corruption and organized crime in the society” said Tegeltija.

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