Activists March for Women’s Rights

Activists of several organizations marched in Sarajevo for women’s rights on March 8, the international women’s day.

“We honor heroines and women’s rights defenders who were acting before us, and we took a walk united in our diversity in order to prove that although we consider ourselves to be minority and marginalized groups, our numbers are too big to be just ignored,” said the CURE Foundation, one of the organizers of the march.

The activists said that the march has special significance because it is organized at a time when women around the world face “re-traditionalization” due to strong conservative political influence.

March 8  is just one day in a year when we remember the struggle for women’s rights, but we should not forget that this struggle is still ongoing, said the United Nations in BiH on the occasion of international women’s day. Bosnia is still a traditional society in which women are fighting for a better position every day. Lower salaries, longer periods of unemployment, established stereotypes are just some of the problems women face, the global organization said.

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