Investigation Announced into Failed ICJ Bid

Following the rejection of the World Court to revise a 2007 ruling that cleared Serbia of Srebrenica genocide, the state prosecution said an investigation will be launched against the lawyer who lodged the revision request on behalf of Bosnia. On Thursday, the International Court of Justice rejected a request filed by Sakib Softic to reverse the Court’s exoneration of Serbia of direct responsibility for the 1995 genocide in the eastern Bosnia town.

The court said that it had informed Softic, Bosnia’s lawyer in the original trial before the court, that he was no longer authorized to represent the country in May 2016. The court’s rejection of the case prompted Bosnia’s prosecutor to “open a case and investigate allegations” about Softic’s role in bringing the appeal before the court, the prosecutors’ spokesman Boris Grubesic told Reuters.

Bakir Izetbegovic, the national presidency’s Bosniak member, had pushed for appeal of the 2007 ruling while his Serb and Croat counterparts did not support it. Izetbegovic repeatedly said that Softic was a legitimate agent to bring the case before the court, based on the presidency’s approval of him as counsel in 2002. But his Serb counterpart and current presidency chairman Mladen Ivanic disputed the lawyer’s legitimacy and sent letters to the court saying that the appeal did not reflect a consensus among the three presidency members.

The Thursday development prompted leaders of several parties in to seek Izetbegovic’s resigation.


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