Minister Says Bosnia Risks Energy Community Sanctions

Minister of Foreign Trade told reporters in Sarajevo that Bosnia risks reinstated sanctions of the Energy Community if the state-level law on the regulator, transmission and market for electricity and gas is not adopted this month. Mirko Sarovic said that the deadline is the end of March 2017 and that little time is left to initiate the adoption of legislation. The minister said that the Ministry of Foreign Trade gave a draft law last month to the entity governments for their feedback, but no response came.

“This puts us in a situation where we will not be able to be partners in various projects in the Energy Community,” said Sarovic, adding that Bosnia will not be able to count on EU funds for gas- and electricity-related projects.

He said the entities are reluctant to support a law that would end the threat of Energy Community sanctions, as there is a basic agreement that the calculation methodology for the transportation tariffs will be defined by the state-level government.

He said that this is worrying because the government has not yet fully implemented the second and third energy packages in the legislation, meaning that the prospect of crippling financial penalties is realistic.

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