Swiss Present Four-Year Cooperation Strategy

The Swiss Cooperation Strategy for Bosnia for the period from 2017 until 2020 was presented to the partners and friends of the Swiss Embassy in Sarajevo.

“The launch of the new Strategy shows how we are going to build up on the good results we have achieved in the past 20 years. Switzerland offers cooperation to BiH by providing financial support and by sharing know-how and expertise in fields where Switzerland has proven experience. At the same time, we strongly believe in BiH’s European future and expect the politicians and leaders in this country to take up the responsibility conferred to them by voters and to address the everyday problems of the citizens”, said Swiss Ambassador to Bosnia Andrea Rauber Saxer.

250 guests attended the presentation of the Strategy, including representatives of all governmental levels, civil society, private sector, diplomatic core and international organizations.

“Together with our partners we want to create more and better social, economic and political opportunities and perspectives for all people in BiH. We want to reach systemic change, but at the core of our cooperation program are the people of BiH, men and women. We want to reach all people, including those who are marginalized or excluded. They shall become valuable and productive members of the society”, stated Barbara Dätwyler Scheuer, Director of Cooperation at the Swiss Embassy.

Bosnian Minister for Human Rights and Refugees Semiha Borovac said: “Swiss cooperation strategy for BiH focuses on important issues such as health, economy or youth employment. I specially appreciate the fact that the Swiss Government recognizes a great potential of BiH’s diaspora.”

The strategy is based on an analysis of the context and needs, and has been elaborated in discussion with Swiss partners in Bosnia, the Embassy said. Over the next four years, the Government of Switzerland will invest 74 million CHF in BiH. The Swiss program focuses on ten themes: Democratic governance, Municipal services, Justice, Health, Economic development, Youth Employment, Migration, Disaster Risk Reduction, Gender Equality and Culture.

The Swiss Cooperation Strategy defines concrete results to be achieved by 2020. 50 Municipalities will have increased revenues for investments, 150,000 citizens will take part in community processes and 700,000 persons will use improved quality services. Furthermore, 50% of primary health care providers will apply standards of care for chronic diseases.

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