Sarajevo School Does Education Right

A school in Sarajevo is using creative methods to advance the education of students. Stairs in the elementary school Vladislav Skarić are decorated with physics formulas, chemical compounds, grammar rules, nursery rhymes and quotes. The messages on stairs promote knowledge, respect, joy, play, hard work and humanistic values.


Principal Meho Pirić told Školegijum website on education that the idea was taken from another school, but it was expanded to include formulas, grammar and poems. He said the idea was met with praise.

Bosnian schools in general are more likely to promote ideas that have to do with patriotism, religion, national identity and sometimes nationalism. Education is often used to promote group mentality and conservative values.

Bosnia is likely the only European country with segregated schools. So-called “two schools under one roof” in ethnically mixed communities were meant to be a stepping stone towards integrated schools after the 1992-1995 war. They remain divided as there is no agreement on a single curriculum for the three main ethnic groups.

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