Lawmaker Asks Ministry to Allow Medicinal Marijuana

A member of the Federation entity parliament launched an initiative, asking the state Ministry of Security to remove “Cannabis Sativa L” from the list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, Nasa Stranka party said in a press release. Lawmaker Dennis Gratz,  the party’s member, said the initiative is based on the findings of medical and pharmaceutical experts, as well as the legal practice in the EU countries, primarily Slovenia and Croatia, which removed cannabis from the list of intoxicating drugs.

“From the medical point of view, (…) there is no reason not to move cannabis sativa L from the list of prohibited substances and plants to the list of strictly controlled substances and plants, or not allow the use of the substances (from the plant) for medicinal purposes,” said Gratz.

Gratz said that there have been testimonies of people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or cancer, or other serious illnesses, who said cannabis helped them reduce the pain.

“Law enforcement agencies were forced to take the medicine away from them and even request legal sanctions, which is ethically unacceptable and a form of systemic violence, and something that we, the lawmakers, can easily change”, said Gratz.

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