The Next Crisis Is the Election Law, Says Parliament Official

Deputy speaker of the national parliament’s House of Representatives said the next in a series of political crises in the country is the election law reform.

“Even if we solved the crises that we already have, there is a crisis ‘on the table’ right now, and that is the election law. The election law (reform) is about the issue of relations between the (main ethnic) groups, or the issue of election of the Croat member in the (state) presidency and election of (members) in the House of Peoples, and it is a threat for the next elections. Some (politicians) have already said that there will be no election if there was no agreement (on the election law reform). If that happens, there will be a vacuum that could generate who knows what,” Mladen Bosic, a Serb, said in a show broadcast by a network of TV stations.

He advised the Bosniak politicians to try and solve the issue of election of the Croat member in the presidency, which would “relax the relations and wouldn’t be at the detriment of Bosniaks”.

“I know there is a general feeling with the Bosniaks that it is very difficult to make concessions, that is why somebody needs to tell the people that it is in the interest of Bosniaks and Serbs, because it would stabilize the relations,” said Bosic.

He said that at least 15 percent of any election results is rigged and added he would support the introduction of electronic voting if that would solve the problem of rigged results.

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