Sarajevo Canton Education Reform Law Postponed

Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton pulled the legislation on primary and secondary schools from the agenda of today’s session of the Canton’s assembly. PM Elmedin Konaković said his government will discuss the legislation proposals at the next session, scheduled for Thursday 13 April.

The PM said he spoke to the parents of school children and the unions while the legislation was drafted.

“They seek depoliticization of schools, and I’m the first to say that I advocate depoliticization. We have proposed school boards that are depoliticized. There is also the issue of inclusion, which is very difficult, because we had conflicting opinions of the organizations for children with developmental disabilities. Some want (children with disabilities) to attend regular classes, while other parents say their children experience shock and stress (in school),” said Konaković.

The PM said that the parents and unions don’t have enough lawmakers in the Assembly to reject or pass the legislation, which will be on the agenda of the Assembly on 26 April.

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