Mental Health Medications in Short Supply

Pharmacies across the country have been experiencing shortages of some drugs for treatment of mental disorders and the doctors resorted to prescribing replacement drugs to the patients. The state Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices told Klix news website that lithium carbonate pills and Moditen pills and solution can’t be found in pharmacies for a year now.

Lithium carbonate is used in the treatment of manic episodes and bipolar disorder, and in prevention of recurrence of depression episodes. Moditen is used in short-term treatment of anxiety, severe restlessness, agitation, violent or dangerous impulsive behavior, schizophrenia and paranoid and manic episodes.

“Moditen is expected soon in the market, as announced by the manufacturer. There is no specific information on lithium carbonate,” said Biljana Tubic from the Agency.


Doctors prescribe alternative medication and advise patients to consult with a specialist before taking replacement therapy.

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