Civil Aviation Authority Plans Drone Rules

The national civil aviation authority, BHDCA, will regulate the use of remotely controlled aircraft for owners of drones. According to the rules, drone owners will have to have a licence to fly their gadgets.

BHDCA spokesperson Aleksandar Lalović told Klix that the rules should be modeled on the regulations of the neighboring countries and the European Aviation Safety Agency: “The regulation (of drone use) is of great importance. The safety of all participants in air transportation is the jurisdiction of the BHDCA, so we have to keep the airspace safe from the risks involving drones”, said Lalovic.

The use of drones should require approval of the BHDCA, in accordance with the flight rules. However, Lalovic said the authority received only few requests for approval of the use of drones.

“We didn’t receive a lot of requests as there is no specific regulation on the use of drones yet. Approval was mostly requested by people who fly (drones) at high altitudes. Those who use drones for personal use, like weddings and advertising, didn’t contact us,” said Lalovic.

BHDCA, or any other authority, does not keep records on the number of drones in the country. The sale of drones also isn’t regulated.

According to the BHDCA spokesperson, the rules should be finalized this year.

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