Ambassador Wigemark Opens 2017 Bike Expo

Marking the Earth Day, traditionally celebrated on 22 April worldwide, Head of EU Delegation and EU Special Representative Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark opened the 2017 Bike Expo in the National Museum in Sarajevo. The Bike Expo is an all day event promoting cycling as a healthy lifestyle and one of the key ways of protecting the environment. It includes activities such as the exhibition dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the Sarajevo’s first cycling club, films about cycling and exhibition of bicycles – modern and classical ones.

“Earth Day is an important date that reminds us of how we can all contribute to a better environment. Cycling is indeed a great way to protect the Earth”, said Ambassador Wigemark.

“I would like to thank the National Museum and all other organizers for making this event happen and for shedding light on the longstanding tradition of cycling in Sarajevo.”

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Ambassador Wigemark also highlighted that cycling was an important factor in tourism promotion and that an enabling cycling environment in any city was a precondition for sustained interest in that regard.

“I hope Bike Expo will as of now be a recurring event, and that the EU would be in position to support it”, he said.

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