Religious Leaders Set to Honor War Victims Together

Members of Bosnia’s interfaith council will visit sites were atrocities were committed during Bosnian war on Monday, April 24, said the council’s current head, Bishop Grigorije of the Serb Orthodox Church. The council officials will convene at Sarajevo’s Jewish Municipality and head out to pray at Kazani, Križančevo Selo, Kruščica and Korićanske stijene. Prayers for the victims at those sites will be led by Bishop of Grigorije, Cardinal Vinko Puljić of the Catholic Church, Boris Kožemjakin of the Jewish community and Husein Smajić of the Islamic Community.

Bishop Grigorije said it was a very important and difficult step, but they wanted to send a message that they bow before every victim and condemn every crime: “It is time that we all sincerely feel ashamed of what has happened between us.”

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