Exhibition on Books in War Opens at the Tunnel Museum


An exhibition on books in wartime Sarajevo opened at the museum of underground tunnel dug under the Sarajevo airport during the 1992-1995 siege. “No one will believe us” by Šejla Šehabović opened at the Memorial Complex Tunnel D-B. The exhibition is sponsored by the the museum of literature and a memorial fund.

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Šehabović, also the director of the literature museum, said the visitors can see three sets of testimonies, called Friendship, Love and Fire. She said she authored the exhibition upon learning that all copies of a book by a Bosnian author, printed just before the outbreak of the Bosnian war, were gone.

“That inspired me to start thinking about a number of stories about books in the war. I felt it is time to start counting our losses,” she said.

The exhibition will be open until May 31.

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