Zetra Closed because of Inadequate Fire Alarms

The Sarajevo Canton police ministry’s fire protection inspectorate closed the Zetra Olympic Hall for public events because of the state of fire alarms installed at the venue. The closest event that is now postponed is the concert of a Serbian popular music star that was supposed to take place this Saturday.


The director of company that runs Zetra told the local media that the concert of Aca Lukas is postponed until further notice. No events will be allowed until the issue of fire alarms is addressed, he said.

Upgrading the fire alarms will reportedly cost 100,000 Euros. The money for that purpose was earmarked in the budget, the Zetra director said, but the expense was cancelled for reasons unknown.

Zetra was built in 1983 specifically for the 1984 Winter Olympics. It was described as an “ultramodern, angular edifice” with a copper roof. The indoor venue hosted ice hockey and figure skating events. From 1984 to 1991, Zetra remained in service as a venue for ice sports. It served as the venue for several international speed skating events, and several speed skating world records were broken here.

The arena suffered substantial damage and was completely destroyed by shelling, bombing and fire by the Serb forces on Monday, May 25, 1992 during the Bosnian war. After the war, it was discovered that though the building was badly damaged, the foundation was secure. Although the original blueprints were never recovered, reconstruction on the venue began in September 1997. The reconstruction was completed in 1999.

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