Nationalist Rhetoric Worrying, Says Swedish FM

Bosnian Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak said the visit of the Swedish Foreign Minister was “a visit of an old friend of our country, because Sweden is a friend that supports our country in its most important foreign policy goals”.

He said focus of the meeting with Margot Wallström was the European integration of Bosnia and the efforts to finalize the Questionnaire of the European Commission so that the country can get candidate status by the end of this year or at the beginning of next year.


The two ministers also discussed the anti-terror efforts – one of the priorities of both countries. Minister Wallström said her visit to Bosnia was part of a three countries in two days” to the region.

“I came as a friend and partner to BiH,” said Wallstrom, adding that Sweden is one of the countries that advocate the EU enlargement.

She added she is aware of the fact that it is a very demanding process, but she welcomed the progress that was made in that direction and called for further implementation of reforms and steps towards membership in the EU.

“We believe that the economy market – the labor market is an important area, and an advantage of membership in the EU that the citizens of BiH should be informed about,” she said.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden expressed concerns about the frequent instances of nationalist rhetoric, not only in Bosnia but in the neighboring countries as well, and emphasized it is necessary to do everything and avoid such situations in the future.

She concluded that regardless of difficult past of Bosnia and the region, it is necessary to look to the future for young people, and that the regional cooperation is key for prosperity of the region.

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