Neretva Battle Anniversary Marked

The 74th anniversary of the WWII “Neretva Battle” was marked Saturday at the battle memorial in Jablanica. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the government, the WWII veterans’ organization and guests from the countries of former Yugoslavia.

The marking started with the opening of an exhibition of Tuzla Canton Archives called “The historic railway in the historical sources” and the guests throwing 74 carnations from the remains of a railway bridge, destroyed during the battle, into the Neretva River.

Battle of the Neretva, also known as the battle for the wounded, is a common name for a series of battles in the Neretva valley between Yugoslav Partisans and the Axis forces during February and March 1943. For the Germans, this was the Operation Weiss II, but in Yugoslav historiography, this was the culmination of the 4th Enemy Offensive.

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