Young and Emerging Artists Exhibit at Collegium Artisticum

An exhibition of young and emerging authors opens Saturday, May 6 at the Collegium Artisticum gallery in Sarajevo. The exhibition includes works of 13 young Bosnian authors who shape the culture and art scene of the city.


The works emphasize “processuality, transformation action, space intervention, playful creativity and exploration, curiosity, soul searching and the need to respond to the current problem situations in the society”, the organizer said.

The exhibition will be open by May 20. The authors that took part in the exhibition are Aldin Mustafi, Anesa Kadić, Azra Subašić, Damir Šabić, Dženan Hadžihasanović, Lamija Halilagić, Maja Skenderović, Mak Hubjer, Marko Francešević, Mirza Rahmanović, Nardina Zubanović, Vanja Solaković and Zlatan Hadžifejzović. The curator is Sanela Osmanović.

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