Court Puts Sarajevo Towers on Sale

A Sarajevo court has scheduled the first public sale of properties in the Bosmal residential complex, according to the local media the product of Bosnia’s biggest postwar investment. The sale, requested by UniCredit Bank, includes 231 apartments, 371 garages and 46 offices in two towers, valued at 83.4 million KM, news website Indikator reported.

Bosmal City Center was the first condominium in the region, according to the website. The investment was said to amount to 120 million euro, making the project the largest greenfield investment in Bosnia. The towers were built by a Bosnian-Malaysian venture, Bosmal, founded in 1998 in Sarajevo. The company was later plagued by financial troubles. More than 10 years after the towers were completed, most of the apartments remain unsold.

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