Organization Accuses Local Government of “Banning” Gay Rights March

A Sarajevo organization said its march for the gay rights, planned for Saturday in Sarajevo, was cancelled because the Sarajevo Canton government effectively banned it by not issuing a rally permit. Sarajevo Open Center said the local ministry of transport ignored the organization’s request to get a permit for the march in the city’s central zone. According to the law, organizers of rallies and protests must get a permit two days before they are held.

At a press conference called on Thursday, SOC members Lejla Huremović, Vladana Vasić and Emina Bošnjak criticized the “administrative silence” of the Sarajevo Canton ministry of transport. Instead of the march, they said, a protest rally against the “ban” will be held on Saturday in front of the Sarajevo Canton government.

The organization said it documented 25 cases of hate crimes against gays and lesbians in 2016 and this year. As a response to perceived spike in violence, SOC launched a campaign this month to promote the importance of family support in the lives of gays and lesbians in Bosnia.


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