Organizations Will Relaunch Truth Commission Campaign

A coalition of non-governmental organizations that advocates the establishment of a regional commission on facts about the Yugoslav wars of the nineties will relaunch its campaign in the region.

The coalition for RECOM  will be collecting signatures of support this Saturday at a central Belgrade square, in a bid to get the Balkan leaders commit to addressing the issue of dealing with the wartime past, reports BIRN.

Campaigners will also be collecting signatures in cities of all the former Yugoslav countries, except for Macedonia, because of the political crisis there.

“We realized that there is no longer any understanding of or attention paid to dealing with the past (in the Balkans), and this issue, which is very important for the future of this region, is being swept under the rug,” said Anita Mitić, director of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, a member of the Coalition for RECOM.

Mitić said this was why the Humanitarian Law Center, the Coalition for RECOM and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights decided to relaunch the process of collecting signatures of support, in a bid to put the importance of forming such a commission on the political agenda. They want to convince the leaders of ex-Yugoslav countries and the European Union representatives to sign an agreement and pledge they will establish the commission.

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