Main Bosniak Party Excludes Two Lawmakers

The top body of the SDA party excluded two of its members in the national parliament from the membership, following them forming a separate club in the parliament with a third lawmaker who was excluded from the party earlier. Sadik Ahmetović and Salko Sokolović were reprimanded by the party’s top body a few weeks ago, and Senad Šepić was excluded, for refusing to follow the party’s guidelines and for demanding a reform of the party.

“Since they have formed a separate club (in the parliament), their membership in the SDA ceased. Now we have passed the decision to exclude them. The municipal organizations (of the SDA) were told to delete them from the membership, and they should give back their mandates (in the parliament) to the SDA, as they wouldn’t have won (the seats) had they run (in the election) independently,” a member of the SDA presidency, Šefik Džaferović, told the press.

According to the election law, candidates who win seats in the parliament in an election remain lawmakers until the next election even if they are no longer members of the party that nominated them.

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