Woman That Appears Daily in Međugorje Is Not Jesus’ Mother, Says Pope

Pope Francis dismissed the reported daily apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Međugorje, Herzegovina. The woman that allegedly communicates daily with the persons who said they had witnessed the appearance of the Virgin in Međugorje in 1981 “is not the mother of Jesus,” the Pope said Saturday aboard the papal plane on his return from a trip to Portugal. The Pope said an investigation under way by the Church had thrown up doubts regarding the Medjugorje apparitions.

He said he preferred “‘the Mother Madonna’ or ‘our Mother’, and not the ‘Madonna chief of service’, for sending daily messages.”

The remarks are likely to make waves in Bosnia, where the religious tourism at Međugorje brings money into the country.

“These supposed apparitions don’t have much value — I’m giving my personal opinion,” the pontiff continued.

“But it is obvious, who thinks the Virgin would say: ‘come to this place tomorrow at this time and I’ll give a message to a seer’?”

However, the Pope was more cautious about the original 1981 apparitions, which he didn’t immediately reject.

“On the original apparitions, the ones the children had, the inquiry says, more or less, that investigations need to continue,” he said.

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