Commission Approves a Decade Postponement for Fur Farming Ban

The national parliament’s committee on compliance of laws with the constitution approved a legislation that will postpone the ban on fur farming by 2028. The current law on animal protection bans fur farming in Bosnia from 2018. However, an amendment drafted in the House of Peoples, and now approved by the commission, will postpone the ban for a decade.

“Given that there are currently a number of fur farms in Bosnia, it is clear that this ban, soon to come into effect, would end that industry,” said the House’s explanation of the draft legislation.

A member of the committee who was authorized by the House to defend the amendment, Ljiljana Zovko, said the ban should be postponed because of a significant number of fur farms in Bosnia: “When such bans were passed in other countries, (fur farmers) were either compensated or (assisted with) switching to another industry. (Bosnia) can’t compensate yet, or help them change their businesses.”

Bosnia’s animal protection law was considered one of the most advanced in Europe at the time it was passed. However, its poor implementation led to a number of problems, the most obvious one being the unmanageable population of strays in urban areas, due to the failure to implement the provisions on shelters and sanctions for abandoning pets combined with the implemented ban on killing strays.

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