Information Age Thriller with Stellar Cast

An impressive cast in an information age thriller: The Circle, now playing at the Cinema City, is a novel adaptation set in the not so distant future and it explores the issues of privacy in the social media-dominated world.

When Mae is hired to work for the world’s largest and most powerful tech and social media company, she sees it as an opportunity of a lifetime. As she rises through the ranks, she is encouraged by the company’s founder, Eamon Bailey, to engage in a groundbreaking experiment that pushes the boundaries of privacy, ethics and ultimately her personal freedom. Her participation in the experiment, and every decision she makes, begin to affect the lives and future of her friends, family and that of humanity.

John DeFore wrote for The Hollywood Reporter: “We already know that Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want us knowing as much about his personal life as he knows about ours, that Eric Schmidt would not willingly show you his Google search history. But Ponsoldt and Eggers treat the hypocrisy of Circle chiefs Bailey and Stenton like a secret to be unveiled triumphantly, then end the film with optimistic pronouncements that first sound like ironic threats, then seem to about-face and greet a surveillance state as if it’s utopia. The film’s final message isn’t as difficult to grapple with as the world we’re actually living in, but that doesn’t make it easy.”

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