Bosnia Still Fares Poor in Organ Transplantation

Bosnia is among the European countries with the lowest number of organ transplant surgeries performed annually – about twenty, said the head of dialysis and organ transplant patients’ organization, Tomislav Žuljević. The organization held an international event on Vlašić mountain last week, at which the participants discussed the dialysis and transplantation trends.

“400 transplant surgeries are performed in Croatia annually. (In Bosnia) the number of dialysis patients grows and it should be clear by now that dialysis is not a solution,” Žuljević said.

Žuljević said that the Federation entity never amended its law on organ transplantation to legalize the presumed consent and make all recently deceased persons potential donors of organs if they didn’t sign a written statement that they refuse to donate organs.

“Of course, relatives of a deceased person would still have to be asked for permission to donate organs,” he said.

Žuljević said that such legislation would work for everybody, the patients and the taxpayers, since dialysis is much more expensive than organ transplantation.

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