Football Club Fined Steeply for Supporters’ Incitement to Hate

The national football federation fined a Bosnian Croat club with €12,500 for the club supporters’ hate mongering  at a match two weeks ago. The finale match of the Bosnian national championship, won by the fined Siroki Brijeg club, was played in the Herzegovina town of the same name. According to the football federation’s ethics commission, the host club didn’t take action against the supporters who instigated ethnic- and religion-based hatred, chanted fascist slogans, demonstrated disrespect for the national anthem, used pyrotechnics and sold alcohol at the stadium.

The fine is tenfold higher than fines for other clubs that competed in the championship. Three other clubs were fined from €750 to €1,250.

Nationalism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and misogyny are common in Bosnian football fan groups, but tolerated to various degrees by the authorities. The roots of violence between members of different fan groups is rarely tackled by actors other than law enforcement.

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