Organizations Seek End to Segregated Schools in Bosnia

Bosnian civil society organizations urged the authorities to end segregation in schools, known as the “two schools under one roof“, which they said was unacceptable in the 21st century.

“We support the struggle of high school students in Jajce against the divisions thrust upon them and we express our respect for those young people who live in a world that seems to be poisoning their lives with distrust and hatred. We wish they grew up to be humane beings with empathy and faith in humanity,” said a statement  signed by 20 civil society organizations.

Jajce high school

The organizations said the the current divisions in Bosnia’s schools are not only far from the world or European standards, but also hinder any chance for development and prosperity for younger generations.

“We call on the BiH authorities, especially in the cantons where segregation in schools exists, to take steps and create a unified education system, and stop the practice of separating children on the basis of their ethnicity, which is a request of various international organizations and bodies, including UN Committee for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. We ask them to ensure full implementation of the Framework Law on Primary and Secondary Education in BiH and its key provisions on the common core curriculum,” said the statement.

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