Pamela Anderson Pleads for Fur Farming Ban in Bosnia

Actress Pamela Anderson, a PETA Ambassador, pleaded with a Bosnian politician to uphold the fur farming ban in Bosnia, reported local television. Anderson wrote to the speaker of Bosnian House of Peoples, Bariša Čolak, urging him not to buckle under the pressure of the fur farming lobby and to support the ban, which the Bosnian lawmakers are set to extend by 2028.

Pamela Anderson

According to the 2009 animal welfare law, fur farming in Bosnia should be banned from 2018. However, at attempt to postpone the ban in 2016 failed in the parliament. The latest attempt could succeed as a parliament commission upheld the ban postponement. The lawmaker that pushed for the postponement told the commission that jobs will be lost in an industry that is export-oriented should the ban becomes effective.

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