Band Release Video for “Anxiety Anthem”

Bosnian band Dubioza Kolektiv have released the video for their latest single, Himna Generacije (the generation anthem). The song is the first single from the band’s next album, scheduled for release later this year. The video was shot in Sarajevo and reportedly 400 extras participated.

Himna Generacije

“After years of unwarranted accusations that we are the ‘legitimate voice of a lost generation’, we finally decided to abuse that label and make a special musical number on the issue. In this part of the world, the favorite sport is the anxiety marathon; it was perfected so much so that this region has produced a number of world champions in the super heavyweight category. We are anxious indiscriminately, constantly, and we aren’t picky about the importance of the issues we are anxious about and their possible impact on our lives. We are anxious about everything: the endangered South American opossum, the prospect of a thermo-nuclear war on Korean Peninsula, the election of President Trump, or the singing talent competition in the local community of Zabrđe. Some less important human obsessions, like love for women or alcohol, were immortalized in countless songs, and the love for anxiety deserves at least one,” the band said about the song.

They said the main city road in Sarajevo was closed for traffic for shooting purposes, which caused some more anxiety in drivers.

“At the moment, the band, the extras and the team that made the video are anxious about whether the viewers will like the video and how many hits will it have on YouTube,” the band said.

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