Pistoletto’s Third Paradise Brought to Life in Sarajevo

An Italian artist who was one of the initiators of Sarajevo-based Ars Aevi collection of contemporary art presented his artistic concept with a performance in Sarajevo. The performance was sponsored by the Italian Embassy on the occasion of Italian Republic Day. Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Third Paradise concept was brought to life by dozens of young Bosnians who formed the infinity-like symbol.

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In 2003, Pistoletto wrote The Third Paradise manifesto and drew its symbol. The basic idea of the Third Paradise is the overcoming of the current worldwide existing conflict between the two polarities of nature and artifice. The Third Paradise is symbolically represented by a reconfiguration of the mathematical infinity sign. The Third Paradise symbol is made of three circles: the two opposite circles signify nature and artifice; the middle one is the conjunction of the two and represents the generative womb of a new humanity.

In 1994, Pistoletto donated one of its works to Ars Aevi, a collection of contemporary art that was just formed in Sarajevo. Since then he was one of the most vocal advocates of the construction of a museum in Sarajevo that would house the collection. Director of Ars Aevi, Enver Hadžiomerspahić, said that Pistoletto will donate another one of his works that will be displayed outdoors.

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