Government Moves to Save Sarajevo’s Failing Public Transportation

The Sarajevo Canton government appointed a crisis manager in the capital city’s public transportation company, in a last-ditch effort to save it from bankruptcy. According to the government, the GRAS company’s debt is now three times its value. The new manager, Haris Gušić, is supposed to consolidate the company’s finances and operations before it is crippled beyond salvaging. The canton’s prime minister Elmedin Konaković told Klix that companies such as GRAS can not be saved by a single person, “even if they were Houdini or Copperfield”, but Gušić is the best choice for the job.

GRAS loses near 1.5 million Euros a month and its tax debt is at over ten million Euros. The Indirect Taxation Authority forfeited ten GRAS trams, which will be sold in auction next week to reduce the company’s tax debt.

“(Haris Gušić) was never a director, but he was a manager in transport companies in Luxembourg, Dubai, and France,” said PM Konaković.

“We liked some of his ideas. He said his first moves would be to restore confidence in GRAS, to have GRAS employees smiling and polite with the customers, to have buses and trams clean, and to have a clear distribution of duties,” said Konaković.


“Workers should understand that he comes with good intentions to try and save the company in which they make money to bring food to their families. (…) This is the last attempt to stabilize (the company) or to bring the monthly finances to zero, which would allow us to have long-term plans, preferably without bankruptcy.”

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