BHRT Conference Objects to Failure of National Public Broadcaster

Stakeholders reached an agreement at an international conference on Bosnian public broadcasters that the failure of the national broadcaster, BHRT, would be unacceptable. However, the plea is unlikely to address the political issues behind the BHRT’s financial troubles. 

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Reviewing the conference, the European Broadcasting Union said that more than 100 participants from parliament, government, regulatory authorities, the media, the international community and the civil sector met in Sarajevo earlier this week to discuss the importance of public broadcasters. The conference concluded that the public media in Bosnia were important for building and reinforcing democracy and European values in the country, and that they are crucial for building a national identity and social cohesion.

The conference in the offices of BHRT was organised by the EBU, BHRT, the BH Journalists organization, the Council of Europe, the Office of the OSCE Representative of Freedom of the Media, the European Federation of Journalists and the South East Europe Media Organisation. Its recommendations will be sent to Bosnian authorities and international partners next Monday.

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