Second Bookstan Will Be Held July 4-7

Organizers of a last year’s street book festival in Sarajevo said the second edition of the event will be held July 4-7. The “Bookstan” festival will be organized at the same location – at Radićeva Street and the gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts, where book presentations will be held.


Co-owner of the Buybook publishing house and director of Bookstan, Damir Uzunović, and Buybook editor Kristina Ljevak called a press conference outside the Buybook bookstore to speak about the festival program and the side events. They said the main guest will be Hanif Kureishi, a British novelist, drama writer, screenwriter and director. He will present his new book, “Nowhere”, published by Buybook.

Kureishi will be interviewed by John Freeman, an American critic and co-founder of Bookstan. Freeman will also present his new book, “Mape” published by Buybook.

Focusing on the space that is neither east or west exclusively and the authors who mostly work outside their home countries, as well as the authors who are the second and third generation emigrants, the second Bookstan will feature authors who write in German.


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