Fur Farmers Plead for a Postponement of Fur Farming Ban

An organization of chinchilla fur farmers and “enthusiasts” called a press conference to urge the lawmakers not to uphold a nation-wide ban on fur farming in Bosnia, set to be enforced next year. According to the 2009 law on animal protection, a full ban on fur farming was to be enforced in 2018, giving transition time to the farmers to transform their businesses. As the ban date is approaching, some lawmakers in the national parliament pushed for changes to the law that would postpone the ban for another decade.

“(Chinchillas) would have been extinct fifty years ago if they weren’t bred in captivity for fur,” the farmers told the press conference on Friday.

They said that some 150 families, currently in the chinchilla fur business, would lose their source of income if the ban is enforced.

“Animal welfare has three basic rules: the right to reproduce, (the right) to food and (the right) to life space. (The fur farming ban) would deny (chinchillas) the right to reproduce,” a farmer told the press conference.

The head of fur farmers’ organization, Zdravko Vukojević, said that the Bosnian production of fur is export-oriented and that it was important to save every job in this economy.

“Amendments to the law are very important and they should not only be passed hastily. We believe it is important to keep the ban transition period (…) until the government can compensate the farmers for the losses caused by the termination of (fur) farming.”

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