Muslims Observe the Ramadan Eid

Muslims across the globe are celebrating one of Islam’s two most important festivals this Sunday, Eid al-Fitr. The festival is celebrated at the end of the holy month Ramandan. A traditional Eid prayer at Sarajevo’s Gazi Husrev-bey mosque started at five am. The sermon after the prayer was delivered by the Bosnian Islamic Community head, Husein Kavazović. The mufti spoke about the significance of truth, and said truth is neither popular or sought in the present time.

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“We live in a world where lie is considered to be a virtue and a means of advancement, while truth is seen as a sign of weakness. The world we know experiences a bitter struggle for power,” Kavazović said.

The mufti also spoke about the importance of doing good, unity, morals, repentance, forgiveness, patience and the struggle against evil within.

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