Exhibition on European Islam Opens in Sarajevo Venue

An exhibition on Islam in Europe opened at the Bosniak Institute in Sarajevo. “Islam, It’s also Our History” explores the history of Islam in Europe as a religion and a culture that was part of shaping Europe as we know it today.

“We are pleased to have this opportunity to present this unique, important traveling project during the WARM Festival. We are also very happy for the new cooperation with the Bosnian Institute, which will also host an exhibition of Mevlud Ekmecic,” said Rémy Ourdan, president of the WARM Foundation.


The exhibition curator, Isabelle Benoit, said the project was launched in 2013 with seven partners from six different countries with whom they organize a variety of activities, the main one being the traveling exhibition: “We are very proud that the exhibition opened in Sarajevo, after which it will travel to Bulgaria, Brussels, Rome and Germany. Sarajevo is the only city founded by the Ottoman Turks on the European soil, a meeting point of religions and cultures that continues to be seen in city’s architecture, a city that has experienced the greatest evil since the Second World War to date… Sarajevo was and still is a city that symbolizes a mix of civilizations,” Isabelle said.

“The concept of the exhibition is based on scientific research conducted by various European partners. The exhibition scenario is structured around one key message – Muslims in Europe are as old as Islam. The exhibition shows that the mutual influence has existed and still exists, despite the various conflicts during the course of several centuries,” said Elie Barnavi, the president of the exhibition’s scientific committee.

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