UN Agency, Embassy Welcome Interfaith Body’s Declaration against Stigmatization of Wartime Rape Victims

The United Nations Population Fund and the British Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina congratulated Bosnia’s Inter-Religious Council on its 20th anniversary of dedicated work and persistence in building and sharing their joint vision of tolerant, open and diverse society in every part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


“On this important day, and on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict, we are delighted to welcome the adoption of a landmark Declaration on Denouncing Stigmatization of Survivors of Conflict-related Sexual Violence by Inter-Religious Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This Declaration is a clear signal to everyone that religious communities, religious leaders and the clergy are clearly and unequivocally condemning social exclusion, marginalization and outright discrimination society commits against survivors of conflict related sexual violence. UN Population Fund and the British Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina stand with Inter-Religious Council in their efforts to alleviate stigmatization of survivors and will continue working on this issue in the future,” the UN agency and embassy said in a statement.

It is estimated that tens of thousands of women, but also men, were raped during the Bosnian war of the nineties. Rape was used as a weapon in ethnic cleansing campaigns.

The Inter-Religious Council  is an interfaith body formed by Bosnia’s main four religious communities – the Serb Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church, the Islamic Community and the Jewish Community – to promote reconciliation after the Bosnian war.

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